Updated: 6/23/2020
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  • Chloe, I'm bored of playing video games. Can we play something else?
  • Okay! Let's go play!
  • You go wait outside while I get the ball.
  • Sure. How about we play throw and catch outside?
  • Wow! This is cool! I'm going to try this out with other stuff
  • There's the ball but wow it's up high! I wonder how heigh the shelf is? I remember my teacher taught me yesterday how to work out the height of an object.
  • So it would be tan7= x/3then times both sides by 3 so it would be 3tan7. 3tan7 is approximately 0.37m above my head. I'm 1.63m tall so if I add my height to 0.37m, the cupboard's height should be 2m.
  • Hmm...I'd have to use tan to find the answer because tan is equal to the opposite side over the adjacent side
  • So I'm standing 3m away and looking up at the ball at a 7 degree angle, how tall is the shelf?
  • So tan12 is equal to x/4. Then, i have to times both sides by 4 and now I'm left with 4tan12. This is equal to 0.85m
  • Well, I'm standing 4m away from the door and looking up at a 12 dedgee angle.
  • What about the height of the front door?
  • I'm 1.63 so now I have to add that to 0.85m. The height of the door should be 2.48m tall.
  • I've been so distracted by finding the height of objects that I have forgotten about Lily!
  • What took you so long?
  • Oh, can you show me how to do it?
  • Okay!
  • It might be hard for you to understand but i'll show you, using that tree next to you.
  • i'm sorry, Lily. I was having too much fun, using a technique i learnt in class yesterday to find the height of objects.
  • So now using this super cool thing called tan, this is what I have to do. So I know that tan29 is equal to x/6 now, I have to times both sides by 6 because that's the distance I'm standing away from the tree.
  • So that means I get 6tan29. This is equal to 3.32m. Now I add my height to 3.32 and get 4.95m.
  • So, I'm standing 6m away from the tree and looking up at it at a 29 degree angle. So using that information, I'm going to find the height of the tree.
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