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Beowulf Comic Strip
Updated: 3/12/2020
Beowulf Comic Strip
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English 12H Project

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  • “What happened, Lord Hygelac, is hardly a secret” - Beowulf“Brave Beowulf, the word-winds of your valor have breezed my ears, yet do not discourage me from hearing your relation” -Hygelac
  • “The son of Halfdane sent me immediately to sit with his sons on the bench” -Beowulf“And drank we did; it was a feast to be sung of for ages to come!” -Beowulf
  • “Freawaru and Ingeld, betrothed to one another, uplifted the hall each in a manner unique to themselves.” -Beowulf “But now, my lord, I shall carry on with my account of Grendel” -Beowulf
  • “Grendel initiated the bloodbath by consuming Handscio whole; never before had I seen such a gluttonous display” -Beowulf
  • “He matched himself against me, wildly reaching” -Beowulf, “The blood-spiller would go hungry that night, as I clamped Grendel’s arm into a vice of steel”- Beowulf“His right hand stayed behind him in Heorot, Evidence of his miserable overthrow” -Beowulf
  • “I got lavish rewards from the lord of the Danes” -Beowulf“Songs filled the halls and mead ran as would a river, for the terror of the night had been vanquished” -Beowulf
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