Anita's Way to Excellence

Updated: 7/29/2020
Anita's Way to Excellence

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  • Hello, I am Anita!
  • Anita's Way to Excellence
  • Anita wants to apply for a job at an architect company. Her boss asks her to pass in 3 challenges in order to be hired.
  • For the first challenge, Anita has to figure out the horizontal distance, x, of a ramp for the motorcycling show with an angle of elevation at 10 degrees. It has a vertical distance of 4 feet from the sidewalk to the main entrance. She decides to use tangent to find her answer.
  • Work:Tan(10)=x/4x=0.71 ft
  • x
  • 10 degrees
  • 4 ft
  • Yay!!
  • Congratulations on your firstchallenge. In our career, we focus much on trigonometry. The next two challenges will also be on these skills.
  • x
  • Next up, a family wants to create a stair case for their new house. The angle of elevation is 45 degrees and has a horizontal distance of 25 feet. Anita has to find out the vertical distance from the bottom floor to the top floor. She uses cosine to solve this problem.
  • 45 degrees
  • 25 ft
  • Work:Cos(45)=x/2525 Cos(45)=x17.68 ft=x
  • Lastly, Anita has to build a basketball hoop that has a vertical distance of 120 inches from the hoop to the floor and a horizontal distance of 240 inches, which is opposite to the angle. She needs to figure out the angle measurement. To solve, she uses sin.
  • Work:Sin(θ)=240/120Sin(θ)=2 degrees
  • θ
  • 240 inches
  • 120 inches
  • Wow! I have been hired! All thanks to my geometry teacher, Ms. Paige!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Congratulations! You have shown excellence skills in trigonometry and have been hired!
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