Storyboard for R&J - Reeya M
Updated: 2/1/2021
Storyboard for R&J - Reeya M

Storyboard Text

  • Friar Lawrence messages Romeo about the sleep potion. Then hours later, realizes that the message did not send.
  • Message not delivered.
  • ...
  • Masks Are Mandatory
  • Romeos friend is face-timing him. He informs him about Juliet's passing and that he saw it on the Capulet's live Instagram funeral.
  • Juliet is dead. I saw it live on Insta.
  • Juliet's funeral is blowing up. Many people from all across Verona joining in honor of her.
  • Romeo goes to the only story open, with a mask and buys the strongest poison there. He writes about Juliet in a post, and films himself drinking it. As he's dying, he presses 'post', in memory of her.
  • I will die along side her, apart but together.
  • Juliet finally wakes up. She goes on her phone to text Romeo and she sees the video. She drops her phone as she is devastated and decides that life is not worth living without him.
  • Noooo. How is this possible? I thought we had a plan. I can't go on without Romeo.
  • Both families see the videos online after they have gone viral on all social media platforms. They now have learned their lesson from the loss of their kids.