Skin Cancer Comic Strip Pt. 2
Updated: 5/8/2020
Skin Cancer Comic Strip Pt. 2

Storyboard Text

  • Alright voters, while we're getting everyone's guesses in, let's play some Skin Cancer trivia! Here's our first question:
  • True or False: Skin Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer.
  • A: TrueB: False
  • And the answer is...True! Alright, onto our next question:
  • At what times of the day should we minimize sun exposure?
  • A: 8am-2pmB: 10am-4pmC: 5pm-10pmD: 10pm-3am
  • And the answer is...10am-4pm! Now for question number three:
  • What is a good way to keep our skin safe from the sun?
  • A: Drink lots of OJB: Wear protective clothingC: Stare directly into the sun
  • The answer to question three is...Wear protective clothing! Alright, onto number four:
  • What is the very least amount of SPF we should be using?
  • A: 10B: 15C: 30D: 50
  • The answer is...30! Okay everyone, here's the final trivia question:
  • It is best to...
  • A: Get atypical moles removedB: Not mess with atypical moles
  • The final answer is...Get atypical moles removed! Now folks, the moment you've all been waiting for...who is the most susceptible to skin cancer? The votes are all in, here's how many people voted for each contestant:
  • Ladies and gentlemen...most of you guessed correctly...the contestant most susceptible to skin cancer is...GWEN! That's all for today folks, tune in next time to see Gwen walking us through how she stays safe on a sunny day!
  • Standings:Frank----------25%Melanie---------5%Bob------------10%Gwen----------35%Jade-----------25%