Updated: 2/18/2021

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  • Fernando High School
  • Good morning.
  • Good morning class.
  • Good morning Miss.
  • Good morning Ma'am.
  • Miss.
  • Socio-Cultural Influences
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  • Ma'am!
  • Did that culture you've been experiencing influenced you in some aspects?
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  • Do you have any idea on how your culture affects you as a person or as a students?
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  • So for today's lesson, I will be discussing about how our culture affects us.
  • Ma'am.
  • Another day, another learnings to gain. Ryan, Niana and Talisa are happily walking towards their school.
  • Socio-Cultural Influences
  • How about you Niana?
  • Yes, Ryan.
  • Amelia greeted her students as she enters their classroom.
  • Socio-Cultural Influences
  • And you, Talisa?
  • Since I live half of my life in US. I have adapted the western culture and beliefs. However, being here in the Philippines for years now, taught me of how to be a Pilipino, like how they dress, what language to use and etc. I am also from a family of Doctors which gives me the strength to love subjects related to medicine.
  • She started the lesson by asking students some questions regarding the topic.
  • Socio-Cultural Influences
  • We'll now continue to discuss on how culture affects learning.
  • Okay. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts about how your social and cultural backgrounds influenced and been a part of your development.
  • I think our culture influence me to be what I am today. For we all know that culture influences a person's beliefs and how they act. I also inherit the talent of singing from my ancestors and the love for mathematics..
  • Ryan, Niana and Talisa shows their eagerness upon participating in their class.
  • Since I am from the province of Camarines Sur, I have adapted the attitude of being "ORAGON" or brave and also the love for spicy foods. Both of my parents are artist. The reason why I dream of becoming a great artist in the future.
  • Sharing of thoughts continues...
  • Amelia thanks her students and will now continue to discuss.