religion assignment

Updated: 2/22/2021
religion assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Thank you so much!
  • It’s nicer to serve than be served!
  • They all must die and I will take the treasures!
  • Here are the riches
  • These are NOT the riches I wanted!
  • I’m.... cooked enough now....
  • born in 225, St.lawrence was known for his love of poor people and sense of humor. he was the head deacon in rome under the pope. he gave alms to the poor.
  • in 258, the roman emperor Valerian said all christian bishops, priests, and deacons must die and the wealth of the churches will be brought to him.
  • I have brought you here to re-build this church!
  • He knew he would be next, so he gave all of the churches money and treasures away. The emperor said he would be spared if he told him where the riches were. He said the attendees to the church were the real riches
  • God wishes St.Lawrence to be a saint!
  • St.Lawrence was listening to my prayers!
  • These are NOT the riches I wanted!!!
  • He was sentenced to a slow painful death, but he joked with the guards, even though he had to be in terrible pain
  • Many years after St.Lawrence was killed, a priest named Father Sanctulus was rebuilding the church of St.Lawrence and hired many workers to help.
  • He had no food to give them, so he prayed to St.Lawrence, and the single bread loaf that he had continuously multiplied and lasted 10 days! That’s how St.Lawrence became a saint!
  • St.Lawrence was listening! He is with god! I nominate him to be a saint!
  • St.Lawrence was listening! He is with god and I believe God wishes him to be a saint!