Medusa and Perseus
Updated: 3/17/2020
Medusa and Perseus

Storyboard Text

  • By my powers,your loveliness shall be stripped away completely.
  • Have you no manners!
  • I will bring you the head of the Gorgon Medusa!
  • Tell me where the Grogon's stay and you get your eyeball back!
  • At the a temple of Athena Medusa and POsieden were having an ill-fated love affair. Athena wanted revenge so she transformed Medusa into a monster.
  • Perseus was embarassed because he didn't bring a gift for the kings, Polydectes. Therefore told him he would bring him the head of the monster Medusa.
  • Perseus traveled to the Graeae and stole there one eye that they share to see. He demanded them to tell him where the Gorgon's live, to get their eye back!
  • Perseus, using the winged sandals, travelled to where the Graeae told him the location of the Gorgons.
  • Using his sickle, Perseus cut Medusa's head off using the sheild's reflection to help.
  • Perseus delivers the head of Medusa to Goddess Athena.