romeo and juilet assignment
Updated: 6/8/2020
romeo and juilet assignment
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  • hello sir, is this the "Cooks Spots".
  • Jasmine she is a very kind hearted person that was hurt many times in the past. but she keeps on pushing and searching for love. Robert he's been through the similar situations like jasmine. He comes with just a little more and he is emotionally scarred.
  • Yes this is the cooks spot. well you look dazzling today, may i ask what your name is?
  • Jasmine and Robert ended up walking into together. A bit of small talk started between the after the compliment. They decided since they were both alone they sat together. They started talking about their like and dislikes, then there was a small spark between them . They end up leaving together.
  • after that day they ended up falling madly in love with each other. Everything was nice up until this one day. They'd go on trips , enjoy nature , and bond over many things. One day they chose to have a date. This date would consists of a movie and dinner. Usually they always end up talking on and on about air bassically but they had a bit to drink during dinner.
  • After enojoying dinner they went on to talk on the balcony since the view was nice. They were a slight but inebriated. Jasmine was leaning on the balcony. As they were speaking jasmine was thinking about her lost of balance and nausea. so she leaned over the balcony a little so she could try to feel better.
  • Jasmine ended up falling over the ledge. Robert was in so much shock he froze. Then all of sudden he breakdown , and runs out of the house to go to her. When he gets to hee he couldn't handle it, he passed out.
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