Updated: 1/20/2020
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  • "Yes. 'I'm sorry, Mummy. I tried hard, but I couldn't do it myself, and it did hurt so."
  • "Oh, my poor darling!' she said, holding her and kissing her. "
  • "He's seen it?"
  • "But I was."
  • "Rosalind."
  • "Talking to one of them."
  • "Was what?"
  • "H'm — I didn't see her around,"
  • "Who?"
  • ' Oh, she isn't here. She's at home — at least, she's near home, in a little secret tree-house her brothers built inthe spinney,' I explained. ' It's a favourite place of hers.'
  • "I was right behind you, and I heard no calling."
  • Exposition: Sophie crawled to her hosue after David figured out that she has six toes.
  • Inciting Force: David confides in Uncle Axel about the telepaths and how they send messages to eachother.
  • "For two, perhaps three, days. Then, when they've called off the search, I'll see you clear."
  • Rising Action: Jerome Skinner is curious of the telepathic group
  • Climax: "Half a dozen horsemen appeared, riding out of the trees on the right. I noticed the spider-man. He was standingby his tent, bow in hand, watching the riders. Sophie, beside him, was tugging at his ragged jacket, urging him to runtowards the caves".
  • Falling Action: Sopie tells them to stay in the cave for some days because when the town discovers that someone is dead, they will search everywhere for David, but will never think to look in her cave.
  • "You mean we stay here?"
  • Resolution: Rosalind, David, and Petra board the machine with the woman and go with her to Zealand. There, David finds the city of his dreams.
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