story board 3
Updated: 3/11/2020
story board 3

Storyboard Description

annie meets business people

Storyboard Text

  • What is this Annie?You are not working. You are qualified. What's wrong???
  • You are right sir. I am engineer. But I am not interested in technical jobs. I can't work sir.
  • What should I do? I have to hire qualified and interested candidates. I do have business goals to achieve.
  • Technical field is not my interest. But what is my interest area??? I just like to travel and communicate. Can it be a career???OH MY Godd...!!! Who will give the right advice??
  • BizInt App Job recommender SystemInterest Mapping Test
  • Congratulations!!!Jobs recommended for you are1. Tourist guide2. Tourist manager3. Hotel representative
  • Thank you Sir.I love my job. It is very interesting
  • Best Tourist Manager of the year!!Congratulations!!