RJ Goly 1

Updated: 9/17/2020
RJ Goly 1

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  • ?
  • Of course my dear! Pick one from my box.
  • Mme. Loisel was invited to a ball (a party) and she didn't have a dress to wear. So her her husband, M.Loisel, bought her a fancy dress. But she was missing jewel or something fancy to wear in her neck. So, her husband didn't hesitate and told her to ask her friend, Mme. Forester.
  • Mme. Loisel went to her friend, Mme. Forester, and asked her if she had any fancy necklace for her to lend. Mme. Forester, of course, lent her a beautiful diamond necklace.
  • Mme. Loisel, along with her husband and her friend's necklace, was the fanciest woman in the ball, impressing everyone around.
  • It was only 500 francs dear......
  • When the Loisels came back from the ball, the necklace Mme. Loisel was missing.She also decided not to tell Mme. Forester about it because she thought she would get mad with her.
  • The Loisels found a similar looking necklace in a pawn shop. They slowly paid 34,000 francs for the necklace. They paid for 10 years.
  • After 10 years, Mme. Loisel encountered Mme. Forester with a child.Mme. Loisel told her friend about the necklace and Mme. Forester that it was cheaper than the one she bought.