How People See Me
Updated: 2/23/2021
How People See Me

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  • That is immoral and wrong!
  • How Freud Sees Me:
  • I would like a new car, but its probably not a good idea.
  • Let's totally steal this car. No one is watching.
  • How Bandura Sees Me:
  • Oh, no. I have a huge pimple. EVERYONE IS STARING AT ME.
  • How Horney Sees Me:
  • I'm so glad we found each other. I feel safe with you. My life is complete.
  • Freud believed in a system of energies that were separated into three psychological structures: Id (your devil), Ego (your controller), Superego (your angel).
  • How Jung Sees Me:
  • Oh, no. I don't think I have enough money to pay for my meal.
  • Bandura had a social-cognitive focus. He came up with a concept called the Spotlight Effect. This is when us as humans assume that all people's attention is on you.
  • How Rogers Sees Me:
  • Horney believed that humans need to feel secure and desire love. We also build a strong personality by fighting off rejection.
  • How Eysenck Sees Me:
  • Let's go out tonight!! I need to see people.
  • Jung believed in the collective unconscious. He was a huge advocate for the concept of synchronicity- chance events actually have meaning to them!
  • Hi, ma'am! That woman at the other table decided to pay for your meal!
  • Rogers was an optimist. He believed that personality is driven by needs to adapt, learn, and grow. These are humanistic theories.
  • I may have been late to work this morning, but at least my surgery was successful! Everyday is a new opportunity!
  • Eysenck thought up the concept of Trait Theories of Personality. They also focused on the 2 Factor Model- one of these models looked at extraversion versus introversion.
  • Oh, I don't know. I got this new book that I wanted to start. I might just stay in.