Unknown Story

Updated: 10/1/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Five Talents
  • Hi Daniel I will be leaving tomorrow so I'm giving you these 5 talents.
  • Thank you sir. I will use it wisely
  • Two Talents
  • Justin, I will leave home soon, here I am entrusting you with 2 talents.
  • Thank you sir. I promise to make you proud
  • One Talent
  • Hello Javen I leave home tomorrow, here is 1 talent!!
  • Thank you sir
  • Faithful Servant-The Reward
  • Excellent!!You have used your talent for good, here is an extra 5
  • Thank you so much sir
  • Faithful Servant-The Reward
  • You made me proud. You were responsible with your talent , here is an extra 2
  • Thank you so much sir
  • Unfaithful Servant- Lost Everything
  • There is no value to this talent and my master is hard to please so I am going to bury my talent. I will not use it.