Unknown Story
Updated: 2/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • You were going to die either way.
  • Why would you do this, I didn't do anything to you.
  • Why did I kill that man, I wish I wasn't in here.
  • Order in the court!!
  • If I may your honor but Steve is guilty, since he killed a person.
  • No I obviously don't know anything about this.
  • This is my trial and I haven't said a word.
  • Steve killed the person that works at the drug store.
  • Mr. Bolden may you explain what the conversation you had with Mr. Zinzi
  • Sure
  • Steve was put in jail and is not liking it.
  • Have you heard about the murder in the drug store? I just stole some cigarettes that were stolen from the same drug store which led to the murder
  • WOW. Cool
  • Steve in trial while Patrocelli is talking to the judge and the witness.
  • Is that all Mr. Bolden?
  • Yes, that is all.
  • Petrocelli is asking Bolden to say what their conversation was about.
  • Bolden is telling Mr. Zinzi everything that happened.
  • Mr. Bolden has finished explaining his conversation with Mr. Zinzi.