Updated: 1/11/2021

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  • Good luck with that bro!!!!
  • happy 16th bithday Rhyley!!!
  • I cant wait to take my written test for my Learners!
  • Yay!
  • congratslations you past your learners
  • I hope I pass this test for my L license! I only get a maximum of ten questions wrong
  • i dont know yet but il get my results next weak
  • great job and good for you, did you know having your license can be a very good thing to have when making a resume
  • how was your test?
  • you know getting your driving lessons takes time off having a restricted license. you'll only have it for 30 months
  • Yeah I know, I only have my L for one year and my N for 1 year and six months if I pass all my test, but if not days or months could be addedon
  • 1 weak later...
  • yesss thank you so much
  • since i pass my learners now i have to wait 6 months to take my drivers test