The Outsiders
Updated: 1/26/2020
The Outsiders
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  • When Ponyboy was walking down the street when a blue mustang pulled up beside him. It was the Socs. They threatened to cut his hair and when he resisted, they put a blade to his throat. More Greasers came and helped Pony get out of this situation, including Darry.
  • You want a haircut, Greaser?!
  • PonyBoy, Dally and Johnny went to the drive in and they met two girls named Cherry and Marcia. Dally treated them disrespectfully. He went and got cokes then Cherry spilled one all over Dallas Winston. He then took off. Cherry, Marcia, Pony and Johnny really hit it off though.
  • The End...
  • When Ponyboy arrived home late from the movies, Darry was angry. He was scared to death, Soda defended Pony from Darry, so Darry got angry with both of them, and when Pony defended Soda, he hit him in the side of the head hard. Ponyboy and Johny ran a few blocks and stopped at a park.
  • After running three blocks, Ponyboy and Johnny stopped at a park. A few moments later, the blue mustang came rolling around. A load of Socs came out, they were all drunk and they tried to kill Ponyboy by drowning him in the fountain, but before that could happen, Johnny knifed him. Bob had died that night.
  • Johnny and Ponyboy decided they were going to leave town according to Dallys orders. Dally also gave them $50, and a gun. They hopped off the train and started living out of a church. They then cut and died their hair so it doesn't match any descriptions.
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