BM - Share DP for all

Updated: 6/17/2021
BM - Share DP for all

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  • Can you tell more about theses practices? You could start with "share DP for all"
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  • I call our collegue Diogo to talk about it.
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  • Hello Diogo!
  • Hello! how are you? Share DP rigth?
  • First you need to know why!!A development plan helps in people development, establishing direction for career growth based on concrete and structures practices, taking responsability for the career path and involving the community in the development of each other.
  • Campo Pequeno
  • That way we organize and target the professional and personal development, wich helps identify current and future needs, specific to-do items and resources needed.
  • And how can i do it? is there any template for a DP?
  • No. it's your DP, choose the format you think is the most suitable, start with a draft and soon it will evolve
  • Growth airlines
  • Just keep it focused, priorized and select appropriate development activities to achieve each goal
  • Rato
  • next steps?Review and ​share your DP with the community​ and update your DP regularly.
  • Share MY DP in a session??!!
  • Campo pequeno
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  •  Rato 
  • Relax Alice, remember "you're note alone".
  • that's right Alice, to help you we'll go first to show you and make you comfortable.
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  • I'm relived if so. By Diogo and thank you for the explanation.
  • happy to help. Goodbye to both
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