Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • Fats are important energy sources. They belong to a larger group of compounds called Lipids which include fats and oils.
  • Fat under your skin forms a layer of insulation that helps maintain your body temperature. Fats are also part of the membrane that surrounds every cell in your body
  • Fats provide energy, carry certain vitamins, and also carry flavor. Fats are necessary to make some compounds like hormones.
  • Dietary Cholesterol occurs only in foods of animal origin. Liver and egg yolks are high in dietary cholesterol. Blood cholesterol goes through your bloodstream. A high blood cholesterol level is a risk factor for heart disease.
  • The typical diet in the U.S. is high in fats. Too much fat can lead to cholesterol. There are two types of Cholesterol: Dietary and blood cholesterol.
  • Saturated fats raise blood cholesterol levels. Eggs and many dairy products are high in these fats. That is why it is important to choose fat free or low fat dairy products and most lean meats.
  • Mono- and Polyunsaturated fats do not raise blood cholesterol levels. These are the types of fats that should be in your diet. Fish, nuts and vegetable oils are rich in these fats. Olives and Avocados are also great sources of these healthy fats.
  • Fat deficiencies are rare in the United States. A diet too low in fat may result in a loss of weight and energy too. too little fat may result in a deficiency of fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins that are carried by fats.
  • Too much fat can contribute to weight problems. Fat provides twice as much of the amount of calories per gram than Carbohydrates. This means a die high in fats is also high in calories.
  • Your body stores the excess fats and calories as tissue. Experts recommend that nor more than 35% of the calories in your dies should come from fats. You should also limit your daily cholesterol intake to just 300Mg.
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