Health Comic Strip Assignment
Updated: 1/24/2020
Health Comic Strip Assignment
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  • State the Situation
  • List Options
  • Weigh Possible Outcomes H.E.L.P.
  • two friends are hanging out then they get called by another friend of there's that lives life a little risky and asks them if they want to go to a party there will be girls and alcohol.
  • Consider Religious Values, Morals, Ethics
  • option 1: go to the party and hangout with girls and get drunk option 2: they go to the party and don't drink because they have to drive home and they have a good time with friends
  • outcome 1: they can go to the party have fun and get hammered and maybe get in a car accident and get seriously injured Outcome 2: they go to the party have fun but don't drink and make it home safe and kept their bodies clean
  • Evaluate and Reflect
  • They are Mormon and know that they will be breaking the word of wisdom
  • they decide to go to the party
  • they did not drink they just had a good time holding other peoples hair back for them
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