4. Diversify icons
Updated: 11/27/2020
4. Diversify icons

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  • I like the new professor! I feel like I could just go talk to her 'cos she's a woman.
  • Yes! Do you think she has kids? I couldn't become a professor 'cos I want a family.
  • My sister says all her male colleagues at the department had kids while doing their PhD but she felt she coudn't leave research for even 6 months or she'd be out...
  • Well, the culture in Aalto is so competitive - even for BSc students.
  • How's your job hunting? You're about to graduate!
  • I'm worried I won't find a job where the company culture is respectful. I've had such bad experiences at summer jobs - like the one where my boss harrassed me. I keep thinking I should have changed the field of study then!
  • Riikka Jääskeläinen /NAU 11/2020
  • And are you applying for leadership roles? I took this great course - and now for the first time I'm thinking I do have potential for it!
  • I'm not interested in just making more money. I'd like to "save the world" with what I know and can do.
  • Haha, me too! But being the boss, you might get to! Like you could hire more diverse people to save the world with you! The problem for me has been that all the leaders highlighted have been "old guys in suits". And even the successful female leaders act like those men - and seem to have the same tough values as they.
  • Yeah, there's also another all male panel at the board of this entrepreneur club! Their culture feels so unwelcoming to me.
  • Hi ladies! Did you hear Jesse and me are founding a company together!
  • Why do they never consider me a potential business partner?
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