Sunni Ali Social IFT-Rikuto

Updated: 6/23/2020
Sunni Ali Social IFT-Rikuto

Storyboard Text

  • This is going to be our land!
  • Oh no! What should we do?
  • In 1467 ...
  • Ok, Omar. I will overthrow the Tuareg and you will be freed.
  • Please help us, Ali Ber! We want to be free from the Tuareg!
  • My calvary is the best!
  • In 1433, the Tuareg who were the normadic of the southern Sahara invaded Timbuktu.
  • Look at my naval fleet!
  • The leaders in Timbuktu asked Sunni Ali to help them to overthrow the Tuareg.
  • This is good place to stay and trade. I'm going to stay here.
  • His calvary is armoured and sophisticated.
  • He is a merciless king...
  • Ali Ber!!!Ali the Great!!!
  • The land I conquered is all mine! I will expand my empire along the Niger river,
  • He is a magician!!
  • Sunni Ali occupied Timbuktu, succeeded to threw out the Tuareg.
  • But he also murdered most of the inhabitants in Timbuktu, sacked the city and stayed there.
  • "He reigned for 28 years, waged 32 wars of which he won every one, always the conqueror, never the conquered."
  • Sunni the Merciless...