Carrie Scenes - Riley Wolfe

Updated: 5/19/2020
Carrie Scenes - Riley Wolfe

Storyboard Text

  • Carrie is accused of sin #3
  • Carrie gets blood dumped on her #6
  • Carrie's Mom tries to kill her #8
  • For this scene, I would use a two shot because there are two people in the shot. Carrie gets her period at school and Carrie's Mom thinks that is a sin so she locks her in the closet.
  • Sue makes the boys kill a pig and gather the blood so they could dump in on Carrie. The blood gets dumped on her and she is covered, and very embarrassed. The bucket falls on Tommy and it kills him.
  • After Carrie's rampage on the town, she returns home. Carrie's Mother is very unhappy that she went to prom with a boy, was late, and just with her behavior overall, so she tries to kill her.