poker flat
Updated: 11/24/2020
poker flat

Storyboard Text

  • This is the town of poker flat where four people have gotten kicked out.
  • uncle billy
  • these are the four people that were kicked out of the town of poker flat. one of them is alcoholi and a thief the next one is prostitute along with the third one lastly we have the professional gambler.
  • mother shipton
  • the duchess
  • john oakhurst
  • after they have found a place in the snowy mountains to stay at uncle billy takes the mules and runs off and disappears.
  • the rest realize the mules are gone and get stuck on the mountain, and tom and piney there friends they met on the way got snowed into the house they found for ten days.
  • oh no!
  • Mother Shipton tell's tom to take the food that she has been saving and to give it to piney since they have run out, and begs tom not to tell her, and she eventually died of starvation.
  • give the children my food
  • Mr. Oakhurst went off on his own and killed himself along the way because he had no more hope in living. The dutchess stayed bac and froze to death.