Updated: 2/8/2020

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  • we are granting yo land here in Texas
  • Alright!
  • Come settle down here in my land, but you have to follow the Mexican rules.
  • We do need land so please can we settle here with out family?
  • Hey this isn't fair you have to follow our rules!
  • Well, I should say not we want to govern ourselves not by you fools.
  • In 1821 spanish officials offered Moses Austin a huge peice of land. After Moses died his son took his dream. Then Moses arrived in Texas just as Mexico was declaring independance from spain.
  • AHhhhhh NOO!
  • Arrest Him!!!
  • After Austins son arrived Mexican officals agreed to let Austin his colony under certian conditions. He had to pick hard working settlers. And the settlers had to promise to become citizans. So Austin agreed, and by 1897 he had attracted 297 families.
  • AHHHHHH, Get em
  • Austin had suceded so much that by 1830 there was 25,000 americans settling in Texas. Then Tension grew between the americans and Texans. Because Amricans where so used to governing themselves that they didn't want Mexico to govern them.
  • A man named William Travis called for revolution. So Austin asked Mexico to reopen Texas so they could run their own laws. Austin travled to mexico to tell this to the gneral Antonio Lopez de santa Anna. Rather than bargin with us he had Austin aressted.
  • Once Austin was releases Texas rose up in revolt. In 1836 James Davy Crokkett, William Travis, and James Bowie lead the Texans in war. The Alamo was out numbered so they sent word to get more troups. It went on for 12 days and then they got Huston to help but that didn't work becasue the Mexicans took him for freedom byt they finally had a sneak attack and won
  • After the war Texas eared the nickname lone star. Because there was 1 star on the flag so it remained independent for 10 years.