Updated: 8/28/2021

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  • For example element group 1. Spdf notation for Na isNa: 1s22s22p63s1but when it turns to ions we need to remeber that ion is where the element gain or remove electron from the outermost shell to be stable. So what is spdf notation for ion Na?
  • I want to answer teacher. For Na it will donate 1 electron to get stable. So it will become Na+. The spdf notation is Na+ : 1s22s22p6it remove from 3s1 because it is the valance shell that the most far from it's nuleus.
  • yes that's right sara. Thank you for answer. Alex, perhaps you can give us example for element group 2.
  • Sure! One of the element from group 2 is Mg. The spdf notation for Mg isMg : 1s22s22p63s2
  • But in order to the element to be stable it will donate 2 electron. So it will be Mg2+ .so the spdf notation isMg2+ : 1s22s22p6it will remove 2 electron from 3s2 because it valance shell that the most far from it nuclues
  • That's right Alex. But that's only the spdf notation, how about the orbital diagram for each element?