Updated: 3/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Joesf
  • Isabel
  • GAS
  • Mahmoud
  • Josef and his family are on the St. Louis. The Cuban doctors are calling all of the passengers into the dining hall for a medical examination. Josef's dad was a mess. He thought of this like a role call. When he was in the concentration camp role calls were horrible. If the doctors saw Josef's dad like this they wouldn't let them into Cuba. Josef had to step up and act the man in the family. He slapped his father across the face so he would get a hold of himself.
  • Isabel needed to get gas for their boat, so her family could get to America. Isabel ran to a fishermen house. She offered to trade her trumpet and kitten for some gasoline. The fisherman ended up giving her the gasoline and helped her carry it back to her house.
  • Mahmoud and his family were waiting for their boat to come. They just found out that the boat was going to come tomorrow, and that they had to pay rent for the place they were currently staying in. Mahmoud was tired and could barley walk anymore. He got the attention of a car, and asked the old man inside if he had a place him and his family could stay for the night. The man got them a place to stay until their boat came.