Fifth Form Justice Comic Strip

Updated: 6/29/2020
Fifth Form Justice Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Mavis, I think I have someone who could help us in our exam
  • Ok Merle, please do go on. now we do not need to get Clive nor Mom to intefer us.
  • His name is Ron. He is in the same grade as we are. He might be a good help
  • I hope we don't get in trobule like we did with Clive
  • Oh, Hey Ron!
  • They discussed in general and about the exam, and they divissed a plan
  • It's exam day and everyone is runing through all the revision papers.
  • Exam starts!
  • But what the teacher does not know is that Merle is coping the answers written in her slippers
  • I wonder how is Merle scribbling all the answers correctly?
  • Soon, they find themselves infront of the principel