Historical foundations of our Republic
Updated: 2/7/2020
Historical foundations of our Republic
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  • I have good news! You no longer need to own property to have a high position in government! You also don't need to be born a certain way, its more about wealth now! Most of it's thanks to Pericles.
  • That's great! Now I can try to be in a higher position of government now that these laws are in place.
  • Our government is now very democratic! The government established the 12 tables so everyone is equal! It made laws like how you cant bribe judges and no one is above the law. It's also available for anyone to read so everyone knows how are new laws work!
  • That's great and all, but slaves and people in debt are not considered citizens anymore.
  • Great News! An agreement between King John and the Assembly of Barons now protects the rights of Barons! We also established the Parliament to distribute power more evenly
  • Great! Now my rights are protected and King Charles wont be able to abuse his power anymore.
  • I'm Thomas Hobbes. I thought of a way that we can govern. I believe that for the security of everyone, there should be unquestioned power to avoid chaos.
  • That's cool, but I'm John Locke and I believe quite the opposite. I think that the government needs consent from it's people for it to govern them.
  • We had to establish the Mayflower Compact. We did this so we would have government and order as we arrive in Cape Cod. John Carver is also the new Governor.
  • That's good! Now we will have some government while we are out of the jurisdiction of the Virginia Company. I'm so glad we are one more step towards a true Democracy.
  • Its 1619 and we now have the House of Burgess's. It's going to be our first legislature in America! This is a great step moving towards an independent government away from England
  • That's great! We also have a lower house called an assembly. Voters choose the Assembly which is also a great step towards a true Democracy!
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