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vision quest
Updated: 3/8/2020
vision quest
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  • Purified At The Sweat Lodge
  • Isolation and Fasting
  • Son, you must now go to a sacred place far from the sweat lodge.
  • Sacred Location
  • There was a boy named Bindi who decided he is ready to embark on his journey through a vision quest. To start he entered the sweat lodge for a cleansing ceremony that would purify the boy.
  • The Vision
  • The medicine man explains to Bindi that he needs to go to in isolation for 3 days and fast. During this time Bindi will then see his vision.
  • The Return Home
  • I finally get to tell the medicine man about my vision!
  • Bindi has found a sacred place far from the sweat lodge and will now spend his 3 days in isolation and fasting.
  • The Meaning of The Vision
  • Seeing animals in your vision symbolizes wisdom, you being protected, and born to be a leader
  • Bindi noticed a bear walking through the forest on the third day. Animals are seen as symbols to guide and protect you through the vision quest.
  • Bindi is now returning home after his 3 day isolation and fasting.
  • The medicine man explains to Bindi that seeing any animal in their vision is a symbol of being protected and being a leader. Seeing animals also symbolizes wisdom. Bindi is now considered an adult. They celebrate with a feast.
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