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Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • He will be King, KING!
  • What is happening...
  • Thane of Cawdor....King?
  • Hail him, Hail Macbeth, You will LEAD!
  • Yes, good job my lover, now we will rule together.
  • I... killed them, OH GOD I killed them.
  • The witches realized Macbeth, was going to be Thane of Cawdor and King. They decided to tell him what they knew, but they didn't know the consequences of him knowing.
  • You couldn't even complete a simple task of KILLING them both?
  • I'm sorry my King I don't know how he got away
  • The witches told Macbeth about the prophecy and his future. It got into Macbeth's head and he said he would to anything to make this happen.
  • We are murderers. I must clean my hand for I have killed them. They are dead....zzzzz
  • What in the world...
  • SHHHH you can't wake her up
  • Macbeth's wife convinced him to kill Duncan and he did. Now that Duncan was out of the way, Macbeth wanted to rule.
  • Maybe some day it will be my turn
  • Macbeth was now ruler and he wanted Banquo and his son gone. Unfortunetly Banquo's son survived, now that Banquo was gone Macbeth thought no inconveniences would come after him and his crown.
  • A Scottish Doctor and Lady Macbeth saw Macbeth's wife speaking to herself in her sleep. She went on, on how she regretted what her and her lover had done. The Doctor tells Lady Macbeth to watch after her.
  • Macduff finally confronted Macbeth and him and Malcolm fought him. Macbeth lost and now Malcolm was King, but there layed a future for Banquo's son as ruler still.
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