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The most dangerous game
Updated: 9/30/2020
The most dangerous game
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  • General Zaroff found his love for hunting when he was just a little kid. His father was an ardent sportsman, and gave Zaroff a little gun to shoot sparrows at the age of five. At the age of 10, he killed a huge bear in Caucasus. His father was always very proud of his marksmanship. When Zaroff was older, he went into the army, but his real interest was always in the hunt.
  • Zaroff had hunted about every animal to exist when he realized something horrible: hunting was beginning to bore him. His mind was much smarter than that of an animal. He needed something more challenging. That's when he decided that he must hunt humans. One day, a famous hunter named Rainsford arrived at his chateau. Zaroff saw this as a great opportunity, and quickly welcomed him in.
  • General Zaroff treats Rainsford like a king. He gives him a room to stay, fresh clothes, an enormous bed, and a luxurious dinner. Over dinner, Zaroff starts to talk about his love to hunt both animals and humans. He then tells Rainsford that they both will hunt together. If he can't find Rainsford by the third night at midnight, then Zaroff said that he would accept defeat. and let Rainsford go. Rainsford, as expected refused at first. The general showed Rainsford the other option: getting whipped by Ivan, his huge assistant. Zaroff's plan had worked: Rainsford chose to hunt.
  • The hunt begins. General Zaroff gives Rainsford some tips before starting the race, so that he doesn't make dumb mistakes like all his other opponents. He ends up getting injured several times by Rainsford's tricks, but finds it very amusing. The General tries his hardest and looks all around the forest. He isn't able to find Rainsford.
  • The third day passes, and Zaroff still isn't able to find Rainsford. Ivan dies because of one of the creative traps that Rainsford set. The general enjoys his dinner on that night. having being thouroughly entertained for the past few days. However, he still has that constant feeling of annoyance that he wasn't able to find his opponent.
  • He heads upstairs to his bedroom, and he is startled by Rainsford jumping out of the curtain in the general's room. Then, Rainsford challenges him to a duel, and Zaroff is excited. He ends up being killed by Rainsford.
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