Updated: 11/22/2019

Storyboard Text

  • *having trouble washing pet*
  • *dog won't stay still and spilling water everywhere and making a mess*
  • "I sure wish there was a way to clean my dog in a clean and easy way..."
  • "Say no more! Introducing Glove Buddy!!!"
  • *The announcer is going to demonstrate and explain how to use the glove buddy using a puppy.*
  • "Aren't you tired of using your hands to wash your pets? Aren't you tired of your hands becoming all prune-like? Well look no further the Glove Buddy solves all these problems!"
  • "Using this bad boy is easy. As you can tell it has two sides one with soft bristles so your pet can get a massage while being cleaned and a side with thick bristles to get rid of unwanted substances."
  • *using sponge w/ ease and puppy is wagging its tail and happy*