pt 2
Updated: 11/22/2019
pt 2

Storyboard Text

  • "The Glove Buddy is also easy to slip on. Think of it as an oven-mitt that you can slip on to protect your hands and clean your pet!"
  • *demonstrating how to put it on and use it, also showing all sides of the product*
  • "The Glove Buddy also comes with patented Glove Buddy shampoo to help get your pet squeaky clean!"
  • *The announcer squeezes some shampoo into the palms of his Glove Buddy and beings cleaning the puppy.*
  • *The older woman is in awe.*
  • Gee willikers! I'll take one of those Glove Buddy's.
  • *The Glove Buddy with a bottle of the Scrub Buddy appear next to the old woman. She slips it on and begins cleaning her dog again. This time with no mess or problems.*