Importance of exercise. RYAN LIPPINCOTT

Updated: 5/12/2020
Importance of exercise. RYAN LIPPINCOTT

Storyboard Text

  • UH one minute let me watch one more video.
  • Get off the phone what do you want to eat for breakfast.
  • Sweetie come down for breakfeast.
  • No you can have oatmeal, Lucky Charms are bad for you.
  • Oh can I have Lucky Charms?
  • OMG so cute!!! What did you say?
  • Thank you now get yourself some oatmeal and go outside and have fun exerciseing.
  • Okay fine, I will eat the stupid oatmeal!
  • Get eating so you can have energy to exercise.
  • OKAY good bye oatmeal...Hello chips!
  • Got my phone, check, got chips yep, I don't want to exercise.
  • Oh my gosh are you pregnant?
  • Well, years back I saw the bad habits you had. It's not to late to change.
  • No I guess I'm fat because I haven't been exercising or eating healthy..