cyber bullying ruby mighty
Updated: 1/7/2020
cyber bullying ruby mighty
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  • omg dont be friends with scarlet she is such a nerd !
  • i wont wont worry like look at her ewwww !
  • omg ! look , theres scarlet ewwww
  • omggggg no why is she here !!
  • should we text scarlet ?!
  • yes lets do it on snapchat so we can delete it after
  • caitlin and jack are having a conversation to not hang out or be friends with scarlett because of her looks
  • jack : haha well you cant cause i am going to show the wholeee school
  • scarlet : im just going to block you cause u are bullying me
  • jack : Hi scarlet its jack , why r u so wired
  • caitlin and jack sit on the bench while they realise that scarlet shows up and then starts trash talking her
  • heyyy have you seen that nerd of the school yet
  • no not yet
  • ??
  • when caitlin arrives at jacks house then they have an idea to text scarlet on snapchat so they can delete the messages afterwards
  • hahahah
  • yopu are expelled !!!
  • what!!!
  • jack bullys scarlet online and scarlet does the right thing by blocking him
  • caitlin and jack start to have a conversation about charlotte and then sees her in the door
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