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Carbon atom journey
Updated: 10/16/2020
Carbon atom journey
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  • As a carbon atom I have 6 protons and neutrons in my nucleus and 6 electrons around my outside. This makes it way easier for me to bind with other atoms to make bigger molecules! My journey begins in the air. I am hoping to land in glass.
  • Once I enter the very pretty green grass, photosynthesis begins. The sun gives me a lift up and transfers me into the grass where many things can happen. On my journey I learned why plants have a green color to them. It's because of their chloroplast! I also learned that light plays a very important part in a plants life.
  • Light dependent reactions only happen when the sun is out. One of the most important part of this reaction is called NADP+. It is an electron carrier molecule that accepts high-energy electrons when they are set free when the chlorophyll absorbs the sunlight. It also accepts hydrogen (H+) which makes the NADH molecule. All the active and function of the cell rely on the ATP molecule. ATP is made by adding a phosphate group to something called an ADP molecule. This reaction happens inside the thylakoids. In order to keep this cycle going the electrons and hydrogen ions have to be replaced.
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