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The Great Gatsby
Updated: 8/29/2020
The Great Gatsby
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  • Introduction
  • Mr. Wolfshiem fixed the 1919 Series!
  • Just By Himself!?
  • Who was That Man?
  • They can't get him. He's a smart man, old sport...
  • How is he not in jail?
  • See you soon, it was great seeing ya' Mr. Gatsby!
  • Meetin' Tom
  • Come here Mr. Gatsby, I'd like for you to meet Tom.
  • Nick, where you been?!
  • I was in the great war killed 5 soldiers using 7 tommy guns, I also studied in Oxford, all my family died.... My house is blahbakha
  • After finishing their chat with Meyer Wolfshiem, Gatsby tells Nick about how he fixed the 1919 World Series...
  • Daisy is Furious
  • Daisy has been furious because you haven't called up
  • Nick wonders how someone alone can get away with something like that...
  • The Hand Shake
  • Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Gatsby...
  • Nick wants his new friend to meet Tom. But he looks a little busy repeating the same stories to someone else...
  • Where'd Gatsby Go?
  • How you been anyway?D'you come this far just for lunch?
  • I came to have lunch with Mr. Gatsby.
  • Tom Buchanan?!
  • Tom's upset because of Nick's absence causing his wife's bad mood. Gatsby recognizes the Toms name...
  • I've just been here with Mr. Gatsby...
  • Gatsby and Tom shake hands, Gatsby feels uncomfortable for some reason...
  • After the greeted each other Tom checked up on Nick.Nick explained his lunch plans with Gatsby, but Gatsby left randomly. Seems like rich people are awkward too.
  • I have no clue...
  • Where'd he go?
  • Ain't that right Mr. Ga--
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