Updated: 4/7/2021

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  • Perhaps he should make a fool of himself and be gone by dawn.
  • Quiet Sir Tomas, here he comes.
  • I shall be almighty one day. Rule the land, Mauro the Great! Oh would I be seen then!
  • Do you think he sees it?
  • Perhaps, now listen
  • Oh my, what is this laying on the floor? Perhaps I should read it and return it to their rightful owner.
  • Why, I covet her power, it shall now be mine!
  • Why, it is dear Elvira's hand!
  • Dearest Friend, How I love the hearth at the center of your humble abode. Mild at gander yet swooning in charm. My love is endless, thus so forth and unending. My heart is contingent on one thing, your mutual love for me. Should you feel the same, I should know by the spike in your hair, singsong of your voice and elated expression of your face. Should this fall to the intended, M U R, encompass me with affection, and I too will know.Sincerest, Elvira
  • ssssssss
  • Dearest Elvira, How are you on this glorious day. Your pleasure is my treasure, your pain is my disdain.
  • M'Lady, your perfect tresses complete my soul. Your wish is my command, M. U. R. For what it is you call upon me! Lady Elvira, glowing she may be!
  • Maria! Tomas! Mauro is possessed! Heavenly father, help me!