Death and Resurrection
Updated: 10/15/2018
Death and Resurrection
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Nikki's dead dad comes back to aterlife...?!

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  • M-Mom! I-I miss Daddy! I'm nothing without him! He has the best job and is nice to everyone!
  • What's going on with Nikki?
  • It's ok, Nikki. Take deep breaths. God is taking care of Dad, and he's right here behind you.
  • Is t-that Dad...?
  • HA, HA HA HA HA HA!!!
  • Why, Mom? Why?
  • My name is Nikki. You might not know why I'm crying. The reason I'm crying is because today when I got home from school, my dad committed suicide by eating one of his cyanide pills. Mom is trying to calm me down. JoJo is wondering why I am crying because she was in her friends' slumber party and came back tonight.
  • Ha ha ha! I'm Layla! Let's play Peek-A-Boo!
  • I heard loud laughter coming from the basement, and JoJo and I were scared.
  • Fefe?! Since when did you come down there?
  • Bork!
  • Mom wondered where the noise was coming from, so she took me and JoJo to the basement to find out. 
  • Here's your food, Fefe!
  • Bork!
  • The noise starts up again, but it sounds very similar...
  • I realized my dog, Gabe (aka, Fefe), is just playing with Laugh-A-Lot Layla.
  • How I did I not notice?! Fefe is calling for her food! Fefe wants her food to remember Daddy! Rest in peace, Dad. We miss you very much...
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