What a nightmare!
Updated: 2/10/2021
What a nightmare!

Storyboard Text

  • If you go too fast you might get....
  • Childreeeen! Recess time!
  • ...hurt
  • They haven't got any manners, these children...
  • Um sorry miss...uh... Well I didn't think the film was so bad
  • What did you say? Did i hear this correctly?
  • But..
  • Enough!
  • If I hear any more nonsense I will call your parents!
  • No buts! Go to the principal! Go now!
  • This isn't like you; to make a fuss.
  • But seeing fairies and flowers isn't scary! You don't have to be brave!
  • But I only said that the film titled "A Happy Stroll Through Paradise" wasn't so terrifying
  • Look, if you want to look brave you don't have to say that...
  • Do you think I am one of your friends? That you can talk to me like this?
  • I repeat this is not like you Micheal!
  • n-no...
  • Did you think I was going to ignore your bad behavior?
  • b-but...
  • Do not raise your voice at me young man!