Bottle nose

Updated: 7/23/2020
Bottle nose

Storyboard Text

  • Once the Planet of the Cats was abundant with color and variety! The cats were pink purple and green. The green cats could blend in to the surroundings and hide from the dogs, so there were the most green kitties.
  • Soon, the pink kittens also we t extinct. Again the green kitties were very sad and didn’t understand what happened.
  • One sad day, a meteor hit The Planet of the Cats and all of the purple kittens died along with a few other kitties. Everyone was so sad they could not even chase the super spaceship laser.
  • Everyone met up at Smitten Kitten’s house and honored the death of the purple kittens and the pink kittens.
  • Over the next hundred years, the green kittens out ruled the pink kittens on The Planet of the Cats. A measly 1% of the population was pink.
  • Science Kitty concluded that the pink and purple alleles did not exist anymore!