SS Slavery

Updated: 10/10/2021
SS Slavery

Storyboard Text

  • Life at Home
  • Journey to America
  • Now in the Colonies
  • "Life in Africa was hard-working but was rewarding and worth it. But one day while working in the field I was taken and was shipped off to be sold in America."
  • The journey to America was hard, I was a lucky one that was allowed to go on the deck, the unlucky ones are below, who probably won't see the sun for months and have to sit in other people's grim. But the luckiest ones are the ones who die and don't have to live through this torture.
  • It's been 3 years since I was sold to a rich family. Life here isn't as bad as some places. Once the man who bought me dies I will be set free and be able to live my own life and start my own family and farm with the new skills I've learned here.