Anatha wan
Updated: 9/27/2020
Anatha wan

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  • Our topic for today's show is about the History of evolution
  • Please introduce yourself and share your ideas!
  • I am Empedocles, a physician, philosopher, writer and poet
  • We both believe that organisms undergo changes through time
  • I believe that the first creatures had been disembodied organs but it changed over time because of attraction and repulsion
  • I am Aristotle, a Greek Philosopher and a Scientist
  • I believe that all phenomena are shaped by a purpose and is affected by attraction and repulsion of elements just like what Empedocles said.
  • Woah that's amazing
  • I also believe that change in organisms is brought about by action of the environment
  • Hello Everyone, I am GeorgesLouis-Buffon, naturalist,mathematician, cosmologist, and encyclopédiste
  • I used comparative anatomy to compare the similar structure across different species
  • I formulated one of the first formal theories on evolution in Zoonomia, or, The Laws of Organic Life (1794-1796)
  • I think that competition and sexual selection could cause changes in species
  • Hello, I am Erasmus Darwin, Physician,a well known poet, philosopher, botanist, and naturalist
  • I believe that all organisms share a common ancestor
  • Hello are you related to Charles Darwin?? hehe
  • I made the Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics from 1801
  • Good morning to all of you, I'm Jean Baptiste Lamarck, a French biologist and a naturalist
  • I believe that species could not become extinct
  • I believe that change happen through use and disuse.
  • Wow! Incredible information from these people!
  • Thank you everyone for giving us ideas on how evolution happens.