Updated: 3/13/2020

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  • Father Enrique
  • Patria
  • Mother Chea
  • Maria Teresa
  • Dede
  • Minerva
  • Father's Death
  • Minerva Mirabal was born on March,12,1926 in Ojo de Agua,Dominican Republic.She lived with her sisters,Mom and Dad,her family oposed the Dictadorship of Gen.Trujillo
  • JAIL
  • Due to her opposition to Trujillo who he had feelings for but rejected,Trujillo send her father to Jail and short after Minerva's Father came her father died
  • She Married Manolo Tavarez Justo another one who opposed Trujillo.They had two childre Minou and Manuel.
  • Minerva and Maria Teresa were arrested after trying to keep going against Trujillo,all of the sister's husbands were arrested.They were tortured
  • After Maria Teresa and Minerva were freed of jail they went to rest at their family's house.A couple time passed(weeks,days or months)and on Nov,25,1960 they went to visit their husbands who were in jail,Trujillo knew about this and sent his henchmen to kill the 3 sisters and their driver on their way back home.
  • The Mirabal Sisters have left a big legacy on Dominican Republic,6 months after their death a group of men killed Trujillo which ended his Dictadorship