When You Dread Failure
Updated: 1/4/2021
When You Dread Failure

Storyboard Text

  • When I was a medical student in Scotland I worked under a famous surgeon as a hospital assistant but in my anxiety to please him I occasionally made mistakes and when I failed by a split second to hand him the correct instrument,he would bark:
  • You will never be a surgeon!!
  • When I graduated as a doctor of medicine,I took up the work of a general practitioner.The practice to which I had been called lay in the Western Highlands,a remote country district where I was the only doctor.Although the people were a self contained community they accepted me when I successfully treated an outbreak of diptheria among school children
  • Late one stormy December afternoon,I received a call from a farm.A young man,Robert Blair,had been wounded seriously,after battling with the icy wind for more than an hour the messenger and I came to the Blair's farmhouse
  • How did it happen?
  • Rob and I had gone to fell a fir tree for a new sheep pen but then due to an unexpected gust of wind the great tree toppled backwards and crashed upon Rob  
  • Quick we will have to transfer him to the cottage hospital in the village
  • When we reached the hospital I rushed to the hospital telephone
  • This case requires utmost surgical skill I will have to call a specialist surgeon from the Victoria Hospital in Glasgow
  • Sir,I am an officer at the village exchange,all the telephone lines have been bought down by the storm
  • But I have a very serious patient and I have to call a specialist surgeon from the Victoria Hospital
  • We might reach the the rail junction at Stinchar where the station master might be able to convey the message through the railway telegraph
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