Religion Exam Part 3 - TANK, Rohit 12 STEM A
Updated: 12/29/2020
Religion Exam Part 3 - TANK, Rohit 12 STEM A

Storyboard Text

  • Wow its late! I should really get out of bed and start getting ready for church.
  • I should probably skip breakfast so I'm not late for the morning mass.
  • As Mark was changing his phone began to ring.
  • Hmm. I wonder who's calling me now
  • Hey Mike! Sorry man I wish I could but I have mass today
  • Sorry man I can't. I'll talk to you later I have to go
  • Seriously man who even goes to church nowadays. You should just skip and come here.
  • Hey Rohit! Its me, Mike. I'm holding a party at Spade today and I want to invite you
  • Hello Father! Forgive me I woke up a bit late but fortunately for me I made it just in time
  • Father, before I attend the mass may I speak to you in private?
  • Hello Fred! I was waiting for you but you came a bit late today. How come?
  • Of course Fred. Lets go inside
  • Father my friend called me today and asked me to attend his party instead of going to church and I feel bad because I was tempted to go.
  • Okay Fred. What is it that you wanted to tell me