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Religion Jesus Storyboard Roisin
Updated: 11/5/2020
Religion Jesus Storyboard Roisin
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  • Go on without me, I will dismiss this crowd of satisfied people.
  • Jesus! Thank you! Praise the Son of God!
  • Father, into thy hands, I commit my spirit.
  • Help us!
  • Somebody save us!
  • After feeding the large crowd, Jesus explained to his 12 disciples to get into the boat and go on ahead of him while he sent the crowd back to their daily duties. Worried, yet trusting, the 12 discipled rowed away.
  • Is that a ghost in the distance..?!
  • Someone help us!
  • It's a ghost!
  • After sending the crowd back to their daily duties and sending the disciples away, Jesus went to a mountainside and prayed to His Father. Soon, nightfall fell over Jerusalem and Jesus could hear faint calls.
  • Jesus has transformed into a ghost!
  • Jesus could see the disciples in the boat in the distance, wailing loudly. The force of the wind was causing violent waves which were rocking the boat. Jesus knew that they were at risk, but stayed very calm.
  • Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid.
  • Shortly before the waves were calming down, Jesus went out to his afraid disciples. Jesus began to walk on the water, all the waves beginning to become still and the rain not as hard.
  • The disciples were afraid and startled at the sight of Jesus walking on water. They couldn't believe their eyes! In response to this, they thought Jesus had died and was now in spirit form.
  • Jesus explained to his disciples that it was him, and that he was not a spirit. Jesus proved to one of his doubtful disciples and led them back to land. There, the disciples shared the news and more followers believed and followed in the way of Jesus.
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