homosapiens and homoerectus
Updated: 3/11/2020
homosapiens and homoerectus

Storyboard Text

  • Maria encounters a homo erectus and wonders why he is sad only to find out he is not from here and offers to take him in and care for him which lifts his mood.
  • On the walk home she gets to know him. He introduces himself as Lucier and says he's from East Asia, although his family is all over Western Asia and Africa. She questionned his presence in Chicago but he was unsure.
  • Maria notices that Lucier's face is quite large with a sloping forehead, a massive brow ridge and flat nose. She also found that his head seemed pointier than normal she had never seen anything like him before!
  • She was in shock at the features of Lucier, his body seemed very similar to homo-sapiens and could walk fine, but his facial features were extremely different, especially his forehead and skull.
  • Her parents were not very happy with what she had done; bringing a stranger into their home, and a stranger with such strange features but they came around after setting some ground rules.
  • She showed him his room but the bed was broken, she presumed to apologize but he stopped her and got to fixing the bed
  • After fixing the bed, he mentions he's very good at fixing and building objects and he even carved the stone sword he's always carrying. She then suggests he should get a job in construction but he says he requires to eat a lot in order to be able to work and not get tired rapidly.