Updated: 9/30/2021

Storyboard Text

  • i need to find an excuse
  • me and my dog react to the biophere
  • ummmm
  • wait a minute what are we doing in a hospital
  • man and dog now interact with the cryosphere.
  • as you can see are outside so now we interact with the atmosphere
  • wait what you you know i have a family
  • police officer ; your under arrest for trespassing in private property
  • man and dog are escaping court
  • you are the worst friend ever
  • NO! me the dog there woudn't be enough space for the informtion
  • man and dog escaped court and made it to antartica
  • no dog you owe me 16 dollars noooooooooo!
  • your a bad person i'm not gonna miss you
  • finally done with lotting his body time to go swiming
  • Sadly the handsome dog is dead his corps is now part of the geosphere
  • man is drowning he is interacting with hydosphere
  • oh
  • huh who said that
  • ah help meeeeee!
  • why don' you have a seperate specch bubble